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June Saturday 18, 2011
2010-09-04 11:48:13
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Learn about skydiving at the vertical wind tunnel Skyventure Nashua New Hampshire (KASH)

  • Our Local SkyVenture Contact:  Melissa 603-897-0002
    • SkyVenture New Hampshire; 3 Poisson Ave; Nashua, NH 03060 603-897-0002 or 1-888-SKYVENTURE
  • Attached is the Waiver that is required please have signed and bring with you.  Here are some important instructions:
    • When an adult is completing the waiver on behalf of a minor, the adult would complete the form as if they (the adult) were the flier. 
    • They would list all of their (the adult's) contact information at the top. The adult also needs to initial the two lines at the end of the designated paragraphs.
    •  Most importantly, the adult needs to sign BOTH signature lines at the bottom of the page. "Signature of Participant" and "Signature of Parent/Legal Guardian" both need to be signed by the adult, not the minor.
    • Lastly, the minor's name and age is printed at the bottom. If you have any questions about correctly filling out the waiver, please fee give to call the folks at the wind tunnel at 603-897-0002
  • We will be purchasing a at least the 30min package about ($425) but can buy additional time if wanted.  We will probably be purchasing the 60min package is about ($800).
  • We are planning for 9 people. 
  • We have to cancel within 72 hours or be charged 100%.  Backup plan is we drive up early in the morning or we are out $425
  • Approx Cost. Subject to change:  $90 for the vertical wind tunnel, $10 for local transportation,  for sharing in the expenses of the flight, food & misc. is on your post advisor.  Total approximate cost $100
  • If by Air we arrive at the field at 10am for wheels off at 9:00am.  Show up Allentown Int'l airport at 8:00am.
  • Our flight is about 2 hours flight without the affect of winds.  We are travelling at 120mph. 
  • 11:30am we will have something to eat at Nashua Airport then take local transportation to the wind tunnel to arrive no later than 1:00pm
  • We take a 45 min. course and start flying at 2:00pm.  We bought a 30min block of time but probably will extend to 60min.
  • You can fly as long as you:
    • Do not weigh more than 250 lbs.
    • Are at least 3 years of age and fit in their gear.
    • Are not pregnant
    • Have not suffered from a prior shoulder dislocation.
    • Are not under the influence of alcohol or non- prescribed drugs.
    • Are not wearing a hard cast
  • Pilot & Passenger Manifest:
    • Steve Henry Piloting 6288J  L. Right Seat (???????)  Rear Seat (????????) Rear (???????)
    • Phil Ritts Piloting 52326       L. Right Seat (???????) Rear Seat (???????) Rear Seat (??????)
    • Sean Gornell Piloting 8979V  L. Right Seat (????????) Rear Seat (???????) Rear Seat (??????)
    • Passengers and Weight Seating to be arranged:
      • Weight and Balance Data Ryan 160, Namitha 150, Ricardo 130, Benjamin 125, Karim 250
        Milan  175, Nicole 150, Tyler 130, LLyron130?

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