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Sunday, May 30, 2010
2010-05-29 20:14:48
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We are flying over to Mount Pocono Airport Airport (KMPO).  We are helping out EAA Chapter 70 with the Young Eagle flights.

Bring a hat and sunblock we are going to be helping load people in and out of planes and other cool stuff.

Sean is buying breakfast!

Sean Gornell is taking Skyhawk 8979V: Passengers are:  Matt Gutzelaff, Ricardo Soto and Tyler Bastian.  We are leaving from Allentown International Airport at 7:30am.  Wheels off 7:45am  Sean Gornell's cell phone is 973-487-7302

Steve Henry is taking Archer 52326:  Passengers are:  One friend (sorry do not know his name) and Isiah Debose.  Arrive at Allentown Int'l at 8:30am and wheels off are 9:00am.  Steven Henry's cell pnone is 570-369-2367.

Ryan Smyth, Milan Mercado and any additional last minute Explorers are departing from Easton Airport (Braden Airpark) at Moyer Aviation, the FBO at 7:30am Directions to Braden Airpark. Various pilots of EAA Chapter 70 will be departing at and have extra seats available and will take you over to Mount Pocono Airport. Just show up to the airport office at the front of airport on Sullivan  Trail Road and tell them you are an Explorer and you need a ride to Mount Pocono.

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